After course completion, students can get jobs as:

  • YouTube Marketer
  • Video Marketer
  • Video Editor


Duration: 3 months
(2 hours a day, 3 days a week)


BDT 10,000/-


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YouTube Video marketing a to z


So, you’ve decided to create a YouTube channel? Great! Unlike other social networking platforms, YouTube exclusively hosts video content.

I will give you all the tips that helped me find success on YouTube, and took me a few years to learn and figure out. You will be able to use my advice to create your own winning YouTube channel that helps you achieve your greater business goals.

Go ahead, sign up for the course, and let’s start working on making you more successful on YouTube, starting today.


Starting a YouTube Channel

  • Channel Art, Channel Description, Channel Layout, Playlist
  • Verify Your Channel, Upload Default, Branding
  • Video Title & Description, Video Tags & Thumbnail
  • Monetization Cards And End Screens, YouTube Analytics
  • Community Tab YouTube Live, Free Music, Comments
  • Add Video Subtitle

YouTube SEO

  • Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO
  • Ranking Factors YouTube Recommendation Algorithm
  • Video Optimization Process

YouTube Ads

  • YouTube Ads Type, Create YouTube Ads/Promotions
  • Ad Campaign Setup, Choose Where Your Ad Shows Up

White board animation (VideoScribe)

  • Add Image & Text in Project, Change Image & Text Properties
  • Remove Particular Element, Changing Hands & Backgrounds
  • Add Music, Add Voice Cover, Export Your Animation to a Video


  • Install & Setup, Library Options, Adding Assets to Library
  • Green Screen Effects (Pictures & Videos), Annotations
  • Transitions, Animations, Cursor Effects, Audio Effects
  • Screen Capture, Behaviors, Timeline Elements, Visual Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Setting Up Your Work Space, Saving & Opening Existing Project
  • Capturing, Starting And Managing Your Video Projects
  • Importing And Organizing Your Media, Editing Clips
  • Understand The Timeline, Adding Video & Audio Transitions
  • Green Screen Editing


  • Basic Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Video Marketing


  • Practical application using latest versions of software like VideoScribe, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Industry-relevant curriculum.
  • Hands-on training using latest tools & techniques.
  • Proper guideline about Freelancing Career.